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Voice recording Solutions

Telephone line recording (call recording)

Radio communication recording

Radio station program logging

Remote audio monitoring

Control room voice recording

Other specialized voice recording applications.

Matelcom offer you the widest range of recording solutions from single line recording to multi-channel voice and video networked recorders.  

Cost effective standalone or networked recorders with support that you can trust.

Increasingly people are recording their telephone calls for protection against: Financial loss - legal litigation - security - threats - training - quality - business efficiency



PHOBOS professional multi-channel digital recording systems are intended for recording, storing and rendering audio and video information in a user-friendly format. Signal sources can be CCTV cameras, television, analogue or digital telephone lines, E1 trunks, microphones, and line output signals. PHOBOS systems are capable of processing signals from the various sensors such as those used for fire security, gas detection, etc. Furthermore, the above signals can be recorded both individually and synchronously, with a high degree of synchronisation even for long records. Multi-channel digital recording systems are used in security video surveillance, covert audio video monitoring, recording of controlled negotiations, and so on.

PHOBOS Analoge Interface

Monitoring, recording, long-term storage, and listening of audio information received from analogue sources.

Any audio analogue line output (telephone/microphone/ radio station/ tape recorder/ telemetry).

From 4 to 128 channels per one system unit.

Recording station on the basis of a common personal computer (system unit/ monitor/ keyboard, mouse/ headphones, speakers).

Automatic recording of all properties of communication sessions, through channel, ALC, automatic number detector in each channel, recording and decoding of faxes, continuous recording of information, onto the hard disk and replaceable carriers, re-coding into .WAV, remote operation via TCP/IP, WinNT/2000/XP.

PHOBOS Digital Interface

Monitoring, recording, long-term storage, and listening of audio information received from digital subscriber telephone lines.

Connecting to any UATE, including: Nortel Meridian, NorStar, Siemens Hicom, Lucent Definity, Ericsson, Samsung, NEC, Panasonic, Tadiran Coral, LG, Harris, Alcatel 4200, Multicom.

From 4 to 144 channels per one system unit.

Automatic recording of all properties of communication session, through channel, automatic gain control, recording of information from the displays of telephone sets in the field of automatic number detector in each channel, continuous recording of information, onto the hard disk and replaceable carriers, re-coding into .WAV, remote operation via TCP/IP, WinNT/2000/XP.




Compact voice logging recorders that store recordings on a built-in hard drive or a PC via USB connection
Models with internal hard drives include built-in LCD display and keypad to play recordings without connection to a PC
Compact, economical recorders that document every word of your important telephone and two-way radio conversations inexpensive to purchase, simple to install, and easy to operate.    

Record All Your Phone Calls Automatically
     If you depend on phone or radio conversations for the success of your business, the TeleCorder is the tool for you! It records all of your calls automatically. To ensure accuracy and proper follow-up, use the TeleCorder to log all of your appointments and business discussions to ensure accuracy and proper follow-up. The TeleCorder automatically maintains a database that allows you to access your important calls by caller ID, dialed digits, length of conversation, or date and time. The TC-02F (two channel) and TC-04F (four channel) recorders store conversation on their internal hard drives. The less expensive UpCorder models (UC-02B and UC-04B) store recordings directly to a PC via USB cable connection and user-friendly software (Win 98/2000/ME/XP). Up to four UpCorder UC-02B or UC-04B may be connected to one PC for a maximum of 16 channels..

Easy to Use
     TeleCorder records all calls for review either immediately after the conversation ends, or at a later time from a window on your PC (simple plug-and-play connection using the supplied USB cable) or by using the built-in four line LCD display, keypad, & speaker or headset.
Easy to Install
     External AC power supply, modular phone cables, USB cable, and owner’s manual are supplied with each TeleCorder. If you are not connecting to phone lines, optional accessories are also available to enable quick and easy installation. For example, the TSA-3LM or TSA-SLM can be used to record all conversations from multi-line phones, analog or digital, via their handset or headset jack.
Find Calls Quickly
     Searching for specific conversations is as easy as recording. You can search by time and date, channel or phone number (if caller ID or DTMF was available). Since recordings are stored digitally, they can be randomly accessed during playback. The display also indicates elapsed verses total time of each recording so that you can seek out specific parts of long conversations. Playback, using either the built-in player or via the USB connection to your PC, does not interfere with recording.
Manage Your Conversation Database
     Conversations are stored efficiently and securely as digital files on either a built-in hard drive (up to 64,000 recordings and 2,800 hours of talk time) or the hard drive of your PC. Recordings from the built-in hard drive can be quickly transferred to your PC through a USB connection.
     For sensitive applications, passwords can be used to stop others from listening to your conversations. If you fill up all available storage on the built-in hard drive, it will continue to store new conversations by overwriting the older calls. Software supplied with the recorder lets you manage recordings with your PC and convert them to standard WAVE files for easy sharing with clients or colleagues. You can also use your PC to copy the recordings to CD or DVD media for almost unlimited storage.
Stand-alone or PC Operation
     TeleCorders with internal hard drives operate entirely on their own and do not require a PC for operation. Most playback and set-up functions are possible using the built-in key-pad and four line LCD display with backlight. However, many users find it more convenient to manage the TeleCorder from a PC using the supplied USB cable and user-friendly software. When you need to manage the TeleCorder or the recordings stored in the recorder from the PC, simply open the TeleCorder program on your PC and you will be ready to play, sort and search the recordings, change passwords, set time and date, print out lists of recordings, convert recordings to WAVE files, transfer recordings from the TeleCorder hard drive to the hard drive or CD recorder on your PC, manage hardware and software options, etc.
     The recorders do not have a power up or power down procedure. Simply plug them in to start recording, and unplug to turn off.



Single Channel Recorder

The MicroLog is a personal phone recorder compatible with analog and digital fixed-line phones. Additional capabilities allow mobile phone recording, room recording and data basing on a PC.

MicroLog stamps current date and time, Caller ID or Dialed numbers onto the speech files.

MicroLog embraces the power of the large storage capacity CF card. The Plug-and-Play function allows conversations and Call Info to be stored automatically and Easily downloaded to PC when desired. The large LCD display and user-friendly search functions makes search and playback previously recorded conversations extremely simple. Range search of recordings can be done by inputting a combination of Tim, Date and Telephone number With built-in Microphone/Mobile interface to record either in-door conference meeting or mobile phone conversation, MicroLog's most completed functions will be your best personal

Instant Recording When Calls Are Answered.

Storage Capacity Up to 500 Hours.

Recordings are stored in First In / First Out basis, thus assuring perpetual recording without replacing the removable CF Card.

Download Recordings to PC for Archiving and Data Basing.

"Instant Save" and "Instant Delete" Buttons

Instantaneous Replay of Conversations

Search Recordings by Time, Date or Telephone Number.

Record from Analog and digital telephones, cellular phones.

Built-In Microphone for Room Recording

Password Protection



All of the Xtension Recorder Digital recording connectivity solutions use Comvurgent's powerful 'PBX-2-USB' technology to deliver superb performance at ground breaking prices.

The Xtension Recorder Digital 01 USB device is a low-cost extension desktop True Digital connector and comes complete with our XTR Desktop applications software.

Digital 01 Features:

Connects to the digital extension wiring at your desktop

Is compatible with most major PBX types ( Panasonic, Samsung, Nortel, Siemens, Avaya, Toshiba, NEC, Tadiran and more).

Easy Plug 'n' Play USB connection

Superb fully digital sound quality

Uses PBX digital information such as Caller ID (on most models)

Records calls locally or across a network with XTR Desktop software (included)

Multiple units can be used (up to 20) on one PC with or XTR Back Office

Multiple PCs can be networked and calls stored in a centralized location


The Xtension Recorder BackOffice Digital 04 device is a stackable 4 extension connector designed to be installed in your equipment room to monitor multiple extensions on one server.

BackOffice Digital 04 Features:

Connects to the digital extension wiring in the PBX switch room

Superb entry level product with 4 extensions per unit

Up to 12 units can be used (up to 48 extensions) on one PC

(Multiple PCs can be used to increase Capacity)

Is compatible with most major PBX types

Easy Plug n' play USB connection

Superb fully digital sound quality

Uses PBX digital information such as Caller ID

XTR BackOffice - Big features, high performance, low price



PC based call recording devices for ISDN and analogue telephone lines.
Our product family includes four products:


ISDN basic rate interface (S0, ISDN2)


4x ISDN basic rate interfaces (4x S0, ISDN2)


4x ISDN basic rate interfaces (4x S0, ISDN2) Box


ISDN primary rate interface (S2M, E1, ISDN30)


2 analogue lines or telephone lines

Call Recording

The EyeSDN USB recording devices are connected to a computer and a telephone, telephone system or to a telephone connection. It records all calls that come through this telephone, telephone system or telephone connection. These calls are stored in WAV files on the computer to which the device is connected.
Up to 600 hours of non-compressed voice data can be stored on a 40 GB hard disk. With a compression format far more.

Protocol Analysis and ISDN Measurement device

Beside storing voice data the EyeSDN USB-S0, EyeSDN USB-E1 and EyeSDN USB-4S record and store the data traffic of the B and D channel. Network administrators can analyse the protocol data to locate telecommunication switch misconfigurations or terminal endpoints. Further more the EyeSDN USB device assists in the detection of ISDN wiring problems. You can locate problems in your ISDN-cabling by reading LED indicators.

EyeSDN USB devices are an essential resource for companies, who

have an extensive customer phone dialogue,

want to record their calls for quality assurance or

want to protect their company data.

The EyeSDN USB products are easy to connect, simple to use and very effective.    



Lan-based embedded voice loggers are leading edge products that will certainly change the market’s perspective on digital voice loggers.

Imagine how small a voice logger could be – just the size of a notebook? Or if telephone conversations could be monitored, recorded, and retrieved remotely via network or even the Internet?

The answers are positive for our VLan-400 (4-line) embedded voice loggers. With our unique software kernel and DSP-based voice compression technologies, VLan can be connected to a 10/100 base-T network and record analog voice in real time. Recorded voice files are stored on the system server, making it easy to manage and archive multiple VLan devices.

VLAN’s networking capability and standard voice file format allow easy access to voice files over LAN, WAN, intranet and the Internet using any multimedia PC. With VLAN embedded solutions, system integration of a voice logger will be simple, flexible and fast.



Type: 10/100 Mbps Ethernet
Sockets: 16 max., supports client and server mode
Setup: HTTP protocol, by browser (IE & Netscape)


Compression: G723.1 (6.4 kbps), G726 ADPCM (16~40 kbps), IMA ADPCM (32 kbps)
Input Impedence: > 20K Ohm
AGC Range: > 40 dB
Caller ID: FSK & DTMF
Monitoring: Real-time, network accessible


Sound Card: Real-time replay via streaming audio driver


Type: Analog Device ADSP-2185N @ 80 MHz


Matelcom website has a large selection of digital voice recorders systems, voice logging telephone recorders, call monitoring systems, conference bridge, direct digital phone recorders, digital telephone recorder interfaces, digital announcer and recorder accessories. We carry the most extensive line of digital recorder systems and voice logging recorders from leading manufacturers


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Matelcom offer you the widest range of recording solutions from single line recording to multi-channel voice and video networked recorders.  

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