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Tiptel 570 Office Αυτόματος Τηλεφωνητής


570 Office The multifunctional message center with PC interface
Το 570 Office είναι  ένα κέντρο μηνυμάτων και επικοινωνίας για τις μικρές και μεσαίες επιχειρήσεις και προσφέρει πολλές δυνατότητες. Γρήγορη αντίδραση των εισερχόμενων κλήσεων, πληροφορίες για τις χαμένες κλήσεις και διαφορετικά μηνύματα για τις διαφορετικές εργάσιμες μέρες. Η ενσωματωμένη μνήμη του προσφέρει 240 λεπτά χρόνο καταγραφών.

Κύρια Χαρακτηριστικά
> Ψηφιακή μνήμη  240 λεπτών
> Υποστηρίζει μέχρι 14 εξερχόμενα μηνύματα  χωρίς χρονικό περιορισμό
>Τα μηνύματα μπορούν επίσης να διαμορφωθούν για να παρέχουν μόνο πληροφορίες, ιδανική λύση για τους κινηματογράφους και για γραφεία ταξιδιών
> Ρυθμίζετε εύκολα μέσω υπολογιστή με  USB σύνδεση
> Καταγραφή τηλεφωνικών συνομιλιών (αυτόματη ή κατ' επιλογή)
> Υψηλή ποιότητα ήχου (μπορεί να δεχτεί επαγγελματικά μηνύματα Studio)
> Μεγάλη Οθόνη φωτιζόμενη 2 γραμμών
> Καταγραφή Caller ID
> Δέχεται ακουστικά και ποδόπληκτρο για εύκολη διαχείριση και ακρόαση πολλών κλήσεων

Προέλευση: Γερμανία

Τιμή: 702,00 Euro (δεν περιλάμβάνεται ο ΦΠΑ)

tiptel 570 Office The multifunctional message center with PC interface

Tiptel 570 Office is an extended version of tiptel 540 Office. It's a modern communication hub for small and medium companies and it offers a huge varied of capabilities. Fast reaction of incoming calls, information about missed calls and suitable recordings for different weekdays - these are only some of its functions. The integrated Flash-memory-Chip offers 240 minutes recording time.



* Flash-memory with 240 min. recording time
* 14 OGMs, without time limit (with/without recording)
* USB interface for voice data transfer and configuration
* Alert transmission (telephone call) via potential-free contact
* Interface for footswitch and headset




* Recording/OGM capacity 120 minutes professional quality
* 14 OGMs with no time limit
* SMS in fixed network, calling line identification presentation (CLIP)
* Integrated mailbox system for 4 employees
* Headset connection
* Foot pedal connection, alarm input, audio in/output
* Automatic recording when receiver is lifted
* USB interface for configuration, to send/receive SMS, to transfer voice data in WAV format

OGMs and recordings

* Flash memory technology (512 Mbit voice memory)
* Recording quality/capacity can be set to ''good'' for 120 minutes or ''very good'' for 60 minutes
* 14 OGMs with no time limit
* Activation of answering mode after 2 to 9 ringing signals
* Recording time per call can be set to 1 to 5 minutes or unlimited
* Time control (time/day of the week) for answering mode, OGMs and message transfer
* Delete individual or all recordings
* Skip and repeat messages, fast forward and backward

Operation and comfort

* Large illuminated graphic display with menu features
* LEDs to clearly indicate answering mode, new recordings and new SMS messages
* Beep for new messages (can be switched off)
* Call and message counters (2 digits each)
* Call transfer, call screening, call recording (even automatically), dictation function
* Announcement of date, time and call number transferred to recording (can be activated/deactivated separately)
* Message transfer by voicemail or SMS to up to 4 different call numbers
* Dialling monitor (call numbers dialled from the telephone are displayed on the tiptel 570 office screen at the same time)
* Automatic day/night switching for call forwarding
* Automatic redial or call back on busy
* Code lock to prevent unauthorised operation
* Automatic changeover for summer/winter time


* Call number or name displayed from telephone directory
* Telephone directory with 200 entries
* Personal OGM for the call number received
* List of the last 50 calls with date, time and call number
* Direct dial from the call list and replay
* Individual ringing tone, vocal CLIP
* SMS in fixed network (Type 1) with inbox, outbox and draft memory

Mailbox and information system

* Mailbox system for 4 employees
* Mailbox selection by the caller via telephone keypad or direct access to mailbox via CLIP parameter 1A
* Individual OGM, message forwarding and remote control for each mailbox
* Mailbox messages can also be configured to simply provide information (menu-led information system e.g. cinemas or travel agents)

Remote control and operation

* 4-digit remote control code, can be set individually
* Call number notification can be activated when playing a message remotely
* Free remote pre-interrogation (2 ringing tones / set number)
* Quick access (entering the remote control code is no longer required for certain call numbers)
* Message code to activate recording for OGM only and to skip long OGMs
* Remote changes to call forwarding

Connections and PC software

* Headset connection to listen to messages, record OGMs, carry out calls after a call back made from the call list/replay
* Connection for foot pedal
* Audio in and output to transfer professional OGMs and to archive recordings
* Alarm input to transfer emergencies and faults by telephone (floating-output contact)
* USB interface
* PC software for configuration and operation supplied, runs under Windows 98, 2000, XP, ME
* Transfer received SMS messages to PC, create and send SMS messages from PC
* Transfer recorded messages as WAV file to PC, import WAV files as OGMs


* Software can be updated by telephone line
* Multilingual (instructions in English, German, Dutch, French or Italian)
* Connection muting with playback of set music or an OGM
* Absence manager (if the office is unoccupied a pre-configured message informs callers as to when the office re-opens)
* Calendar function for 20 appointments
* Connection to the analogue network or an analogue port in a telephone system


Technical data

Dimensions (W x H x D)

tiptel 570 office:

220 x 50 x 190 mm

Mains plug:

53 x 68 x 44 mm


tiptel 570 office:

540 g

Mains plug:

270 g

Operating voltage

Mains plug:

230 V / 50 Hz

Idle power output:

< 2 W

Ambient temperature:

0 - 40 °C

Number of outgoing messages:


Incoming messages

Recording method:

PCM 64 / 128 kBit/s

Sampling rate:

8 / 16 kHz

Total recording capacity approx.:

120 / 60 min.
240 / 120 min. with tiptel 570 office 4h


Call list:

50 entries

Telephone book:

200 entries

SMS inbox:

20 short messages


Call number display:

Dual mode DTMF / FSK

Data retained after power failure:

> 10 years


Network synchronous


Graphics LCD 64 x 128 pixels, backlit

"OUT" output level:

150 mV / 10 k?

"IN" input sensitivity:

150 mV / 47 k?



tiptel 570 Office Foot-Switch Foot switch for tiptel 570 office

The footswitch is well-suited to the multifunction-answering machine tiptel 570 office. It allows the easy and comfortable control of the functions playback, rewind and forward. Here, the answering machine works in the same way as a dictating machine.


* Control of the function''Play'' (using the switch on / off)
* Control functions ''forward''and ''return'' (function is active as long as button is pressed)
* Non-slip rubber on the bottom and high weight

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